When the name Hitzacker is mentioned, thoughts turn to half-timbered houses, cobblestones and an unspoilt town centre; or perhaps the river Jeetzel, which flows into the Elbe there. The name also recalls the vineyard, where 99 vines flourish in the sun-soaked climate and from the plateau of which there is a magnificent view of the town island, the river Elbe and far into the Mecklenburg countryside. Not without good reason, experts maintain that Hitzacker and the surrounding region are among the most beautiful places in North Germany.


The name Hitzacker also brings music to mind. The "Music Week" is world famous and the "Summery Music Days of Hitzacker" which take place every year bring together practising fans and friends of old and contemporary chamber music. Apart from soloists and ensembles of world renown, young artists are also given the opportunity of performing publicly.


Youth Hostel Hitzacker

An der Wolfsschlucht 2
D - 29456 Hitzacker
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Management: Thomas Hahn

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